Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida endorses Mark Mulligan for US Congress (FL- Dist 2)

The Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida has officially endorsed
Republican Mark Mulligan of Panama City in his race for the US
Congressional District 2 of Florida.

Mark, a 6th-generation Floridian and son of two Bay County educators,
is a 1979 graduate of Bay High School in Panama City, where he was
Captain of the Wrestling Team for 2 years and a former Florida state
champion in his weight class. After receiving an Associates Degree
from Gulf Coast Community College in Panama City, he has received 3
degrees from Florida State University, a Bachelors of Science degree
in Professional Communications, a Masters degree in Public
Communications and a Doctorate in Mass Communication in 2008.

He has been married to his wife Tawn Mulligan since 1995 and has two
children, Olivia, age 13 and Lillian, age 11. After the events of
September 11, 2001 he wanted to become more involved in helping our
nation and to create a better future for the American people, so he
decided to run as a candidate for the United States Congress.

This is Mark’s official statement regarding his endorsement by the
Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida. “I am deeply honored to learn
that the RLC of Florida has officially endorsed my candidacy for
seeking the office of U.S. Representative for Florida’s Second
Congressional District
for the 2008 election.

“I pursed the endorsement of the RLC when discovering that the
statement of principles and positions of the RLC were directly in line
with my political philosophy on individual rights, limited government,
free enterprise, and most of all, upholding the true integrity of the
U.S. Constitution.

My commitment to the RLC plans to be longstanding, and if elected to
office, I will promote the principles of the RLC. I plan to keep my
communications lines open at all times to the RLC when proposing,
drafting, debating, and voting on congressional legislation.

My commitment, compassion, and absolute patriotism towards the United
States of America is paramount, and my determination to uphold the
basic platform of the U.S. Constitution is considered vital for our
country’s successful future…”

After winning a decisive victory in the August 26 Republican primary,
Mark continues to show the determination, courage and drive it takes
to successfully represent a Congressional District that spans from
Walton County in the western Panhandle, including Panama City and
Tallahassee all the way to Dixie, Lafayette and Suwannee counties in
the eastern end of the district.

About Eric Wall

* I have been involved in politics in one way or another since being a member of the Bay County Young Republicans in 1988 after moving to Panama City, FL *I am a member of the Republican Liberty Caucus Florida state executive committee, the RNC, and the Tax Cap Coalition, including Americans for Prosperity, Florida Taxpayers Union and the James Madison Institute * I have met with legislators in the Florida House and Senate and the Governor's office regarding property taxes and enacting spending caps, including the GOP House leadership this past session *I was a field coordinator, precinct leader and county treasurer for the Ron Paul 2008 presidential campaign, with responsibilities in Washington, Jackson, Holmes, Gulf, Calhoun, Liberty, Bay and Wakulla counties that involved a lot of travel during the primary season. We raised over $1500 for the primary. *I have done work in market research, have supervised volunteers, am an Army veteran and have a variety of grassroots political experience. *I am the sole Precinct 26 Committeeman, representing over 1, 500 Republicans through November 2012. I am a member of the GOP Platform Committee
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  1. Rebecca Bauer says:

    As a college student I hope to one day open my own small business. yet w/ obama taxing me out of a profit what is the incentive to do so? his taxing the small business is only going to increase unemployment because companies will have to cut back on things to make ends meet. do you want someone with no experience to put our country into greater devastation? I’m definitely in support of change, but i want positive change and not a socialized health care system that has cripplized countries that have tried it like canada. if you look at his proposed policies that you can find on his website you would be scared of Obama taking over as well. Obama is a great speaker, and can make things sound all good but seriously think of where the funding is coming from if he does have his way. i guess if you seriously want a rise in unemployment and $6/gallon for gasoline go ahead and vote Obama!

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