State of Sunshine Predictions: Electoral College

With Election Day approaching, I wanted to take a moment to read some tea leaves and render predictions.

Here is my projected Electoral College (click to view larger image):

Predicted Electoral Map
(Map was created using

When I look at the latest polls on Real Clear Politics, the only states that are really close are North Carolina, Missouri, and Indiana. The rest are a few points for either candidate, and the trend is growing.

Florida, for example is still close, but all of the recent polls show Obama ahead of McCain.

The same is true in Virginia, Ohio, New Hampshire, Colorado, Nevada

This must be what Democrats felt like in 1988. The McCain campaign should be the chapter following Dukakis in the book “How NOT to run for president…”

My prediction: Obama 364 electoral votes, McCain 174 electoral votes.

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  1. We’re predicting Obama to win 355 to 183. That’s going to be a landslide sweep for Obama and utter defeat for McCain

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