State of Sunshine Predictions: Pinellas County

With Election Day approaching, I wanted to take a moment to read some tea leaves and render predictions.

Here are my projected winners for Pinellas County races (* = Incumbent):
Property Appraiser – Pam Dubov (R)
Sheriff – Jim Coats (R)*
Supervisor of Elections – Debra Clark (R)*
County Commission, District 1 – Neil Brickfield (R)
County Commission, District 3 – Nancy Bostock (R)
County Commission, District 5 – Karen Seel (R)*
School Board, District 1 – Janet Clark*
School Board, District 2 – Nina Hayden
School Board, District 4 – Robin Wikle
Pinellas County Charter Amendment – Environmental Lands – Yes
Multiple City/Town Charter Amendments – Canvassing Boards – Yes
City of Safety Harbor Charter Amendments – Take Office & Qualifying Period – Yes
City of St. Pete Beach Charter Amendment – Comp. Plan Amendment – Yes
City of St. Pete Beach Charter Amendment – Casino Gambling by Voters Only – Yes

Presidential Race – Barack Obama

I am not as familiar with recent Pinellas County politics, but I can remember a couple of things: Republicans tend to vote for Republicans and Democrats tend to vote for St. Pete Times endorsed candidates. Still, I picked two candidates (Coats and Wikle) that were not endorsed by the Times.

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