Interview with RPOF Chairman candidate Eric Miller

by Eric Wall
What are your ideas to improve RPOF?

Here are my top three:

1. Establish a Party Platform for the RPOF. I believe that we have become too factionalized and we need create more dialogue and debate. From Debate comes dialogue and from dialogue come ideas.

I firmly believe that the platform needs to be a grassroots efforts starting with each County REC and the Republicans within that county contributing. A top down platform will not serve as means of unity or realistic representation of all Florida Republicans. You may reference more information about the platform initiative at

2. I will establish a community outreach program called “We are Republican’s and We Care”. For years, we have attempted to increase our voter rolls. Typically, we will set up a table in a minority community and try to register people as Republicans. While this has some impact, it is primarily negligible.

The program I am suggesting would involve County REC’s, Republican Clubs and Young Republicans working as volunteers in their community for community projects. I firmly believe that until we give we cannot expect to get.

When a person has an opportunity to hear and discuss the Republican Values and Ideals, they become ardent supporters.

3. I will let State leaders lead. We need more flexibility, tools and latitude in our local areas.

Who did you support in the GOP primary, and why

I was the Florida Communications Director for Congressman Duncan Hunter. I supported Congressman Hunter because he shares my Conservative ideas. Congressman Hunter’s long standing support for our Armed Forces speaks for itself. I too served, US Army Airborne Infantry.

Congressman Hunter’s positions on social, international and fiscal issues are Conservative, as are mine.

How much support do you have among State Committee members?

I have received a large number of pledges from State Committee members as well as elected officials and I am talking with more on a daily basis. I am energized. The amount of unsolicited support has been encouraging. I believe I can win.

Why did the GOP lose Florida? How much blame must be assigned to Chairman Greer?

There is an old saying, “The Buck Stops Here” and responsibility should be given to the office. I firmly believe and know firsthand that the interference in Republican Primaries severely hurt the effort. This action turned many volunteers off. Volunteer levels were down this year. Money was not spent in contested elections for candidates that did not conform to the Chairman’s Political Philosophies. One such candidate is Mr. Edward Lynch State Representative Candidate from Palm Beach County. In addition, Alan West, candidate for Congress.

Further, I believe that we as a State Party do not have a platform (identity) had a lot to do with undecided’s and swing voters not voting Republican. We have an identity crisis.

We cannot get Republicans elected by mandate. We must elect them through dialogue, leadership and ideals.

Would you be in favor of a State Convention?

Yes, I believe we need a State Convention, to include a Platform Convention as well as a Constitutional Convention.

Would you insure that the 2nd Congressional District received enough monetary support to challenge Allen Boyd in 2010?

I will insure that all Congressional districts have support from the RPOF. It seems to me that the ridiculous amount of money that was spent on travel and meddling in Republican primaries could and should have been spent for our candidates in the general election. If there is money to spend on a contested Primary then there is definitely a source of money that can be spent in the General Election.

How often would you travel to NW Florida? We feel ignored by the party up here.

I plan to visit each area of the State twice a year. I will organize regional and joint REC meetings to have conversation and dialogue with the REC’s and Republicans of the State. I will enlist speakers that can help train our members. We should be training on fundraising, dealing with the media and public speaking.

To what degree should Florida Republicans be willing to work with Democrats in light of their huge victory nationwide November 4th?

If the ideas the Democrats present are in line with Republican values and present a real opportunity for our Nation, then I say yes. However, if the ideas are going to further the liberal agenda, I say we should SUIT UP and fight.

What changes would you make to the loyalty oath?

I have not made any decision on changes that should or shouldn’t be made to the oath. If there are ideas that people have I am open to talking about them. I will however review the oath and let you know at a further date what my thoughts are on this matter.

What are your ideas about technology and how it is used by the GOP and RPOF?

I have a degree in computer science. I have owned and operated technology companies for 20 plus years. I did see some good ideas this year with the optical scanners for the phone banks. We were able to quickly and efficiently exam the data.

I think that we can do better however in our digital messages. I believe we should equip every REC with a system that is integrated with software, training and reference materials and allows each REC to have instant access to other REC’s across the State for the exchange of information and ideas. In the technology world, we refer to this model as an intranet.

There is more that technology can do to further our mission. A great deal more.

If you wish to make a closing statement, that would be fine.

I am a Republican and I do not respond well to being told how I should think. I am a Republican and I believe in core Republican Values. I am running for the Chairmanship to refocus the direction of the RPOF.

When I set out on this endeavor, I was told that I was making a mistake. I was told that I would be marginalizing myself. I was told that I was being arrogant and naïve. As I did then, I say today, SO BE IT. If I am to be marginalized for taking a position of leadership, If I am to be marginalized for acting in the interest of the Party, If I am to be marginalized for publicly stating ideas and views that others whisper about in private for fear of retribution, SO BE IT.

I believe that we as a State Party are becoming more and more factionalized. I believe that we are retracting. The ongoing draconian effort to manipulate a contrived perception of centrist convictions is lending to this retraction. We have elements of our party that believe only their views are the right views. We have elements of our party unwilling to bend. We have factions that are pitting themselves against other Republicans. This is not healthy, it is not right, and it must end.

Now is not the time for us to move closer to the middle. Doing so will bring us closer to the left. We need now more than ever to return to our Conservative roots. Not doing so will be a continuation of capitulation and fear. We are Republicans. We hold certain values and truths. We need to embrace them and be proud of who we are. We need to let everyone know what it means to be a Republican. We need to give people a clearly defined picture of who we are so we can end the identity crisis that has driven Republicans from our ranks.

We need unity as a State Party. Our base is slowly eroding. We are losing good solid Republicans to the Independent Voter Rolls. We are losing good Republicans that are uncertain what we stand for. We are losing Republicans that are frustrated with the Top down Behaviors of our State Party. And this is troubling.

I want to return our party to the Republicans that are willing to take ownership of it. I will do everything in my power to allow all Republicans a voice and opportunity to make a difference. To find out more about my ideas and me please visit – Thank you to all of you that have pledged your support. I will not let you down.

About Eric Wall

* I have been involved in politics in one way or another since being a member of the Bay County Young Republicans in 1988 after moving to Panama City, FL *I am a member of the Republican Liberty Caucus Florida state executive committee, the RNC, and the Tax Cap Coalition, including Americans for Prosperity, Florida Taxpayers Union and the James Madison Institute * I have met with legislators in the Florida House and Senate and the Governor's office regarding property taxes and enacting spending caps, including the GOP House leadership this past session *I was a field coordinator, precinct leader and county treasurer for the Ron Paul 2008 presidential campaign, with responsibilities in Washington, Jackson, Holmes, Gulf, Calhoun, Liberty, Bay and Wakulla counties that involved a lot of travel during the primary season. We raised over $1500 for the primary. *I have done work in market research, have supervised volunteers, am an Army veteran and have a variety of grassroots political experience. *I am the sole Precinct 26 Committeeman, representing over 1, 500 Republicans through November 2012. I am a member of the GOP Platform Committee
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