2012 Lists appearing for the GOP

On Friday, Chris Cillizza posted his 10 Republicans to watch for 2012 on The Fix:

To be clear, this is not — and should not be taken as — a list of potential contenders to take on Barack Obama in 2012. Some of the people on this list will certainly be in the Republican field in four years time but others almost certainly won’t.

The common thread for membership on this list, which was compiled based on a series of conversations with Republican operatives and the Fix’s own analysis, is that each of these individuals will have a role to play in the conversation about where the party heads between now and 2010.

His list:

  1. Bobby Jindal, Governor, Louisiana
  2. John Thune, Senator, South Dakota
  3. Mitt Romney, Former Governor, Massachusetts
  4. Mitch Daniels, Governor, Indiana
  5. Bob McDonnell, Attorney General, Virginia
  6. Mark Sanford, Governor, South Carolina
  7. Eric Cantor, Congressman, Virginia
  8. Jon Huntsman, Governor, Utah
  9. Haley Barbour, Governor, Mississippi
  10. Steve Poizner, Insurance Commissioner, California

Not on his list, but these have been mentioned by others:

  • Charlie Crist, Governor, Florida
  • Sarah Palin, Governor, Alaska
  • Newt Gingrich, Former Speaker, US House of Representatives
  • Mike Huckabee, Former Governor, Arkansas
  • Jim DeMint, Senator, South Carolina
  • John Ensign, Senator, Nevada
  • Don Carcieri, Governor, Rhode Island

I know Governor Crist will be running for re-election in 2010… but when more than 2/3rds of Floridians have a positive impression of our governor, he can’t be left off any list.

Still, 2012 is a long ways off… how the GOP regroups for 2010 will go a long way to determine who could get the nomination for 2012. Will Republican party seek to solidify the conservative base or will the party moderate some positions to attract more independent-minded voters?

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  1. Eric Wall says:

    I assume Crist will not face any opposition in the GOP primary. There have been rumors but nothing solid yet to report. He should make the list, anyway. I agree.

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