Senator Mel Martinez Would Have Easily Lost in 2010 (Updated)

UPDATE: This was posted on December 1st. Then, on December 2nd Senator Martinez announced he will not run for re-election. I am leaving the post as written, but want to acknowledge that he is not running for re-election. This update is why this post is closed to additional comments.

Yes. I said it. He could easily lose in 2010. And I don’t like having to say this. Nevermind whether he is or is not vulnerable according to polls.

It doesn’t matter who the Democratic nominee is, although The Hill seems to think Florida CFO Alex Sink will be the one. I’m not so sure, as I think State Senator Dan Gelber would make a good candidate — allowing Alex to stay CFO for four more years before being an almost shoo-in for Governor in 2014.

Okay, back to the main point here: Why do I think Mel could lose?

Consider he is not the darling of Florida conservatives. He is a former trial lawyer who backed carried President George Bush’s immigration reform legislation — a bill conservatives labeld “amnesty.” Much like Senator John McCain, he just doesn’t light the fire of the far right base of the GOP.

Now, consider Governor Charlie Crist will be carrying the Republican banner. A popular governor who has shown a moderate streak with major initiatives for restoring civil rights to convicted felons and working on climate change. His “red” is looking a little too purple for many conservatives.

To me, and this is WAY early — heck, Martinez has not even announced that he will even run! But to me, the bigger issue will be conservatives sitting at home in 2010. It happened this year, and could easily happen again.

A lot can change in the next 22+ months… but I would say this race has to be leaning away from Mel at the start.

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3 Responses to Senator Mel Martinez Would Have Easily Lost in 2010 (Updated)

  1. Martinez is one of the Republican crew that helped steal America for its richest and greediest citizens. We really can’t afford to keep people like that in office.

    I’m registered as an independent, but I will happily re-register (briefly) as a Republican in 2010 to vote for a less-bought primary candidate than Martinez.

    And I don’t know if you remember his campaign against Ms. Castor. “Putrid” would be an apt description. I am ashamed to have this person “representing’ me in Washington. He must go.

  2. ConservativeMom says:

    So, who should we be looking at for his replacement? Can anyone post up good conservatives to research?

  3. GUYK says:

    Martinez is not my idea of a republican..hell, this guy even gives RINOs a bad name!

    I refused to vote for Harris a couple of years ago..I cast my write in for Micky Mouse..because of her telling me that not to vote for her was a sin. That was just Micky Mouse of her..

    I will not vote for Martinez because he is more to the left than Hilary Clinton..I would rather have an honest least you know from day to day what to expect

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