Sometimes the GOP can take cutting taxes too far…

First, I hate taxes. They are a necessary evil. I generally support cutting taxes whenever we can.

The problem is, cutting taxes really means cutting spending. And our Republican Legislature just isn’t doing that.

Florida is having a budget crisis. There will be a special session to cut spending for the current fiscal year – the one that began last July 1st. They have to take $2.3 Billion back from the government agencies to whom the money was allocated during the last session last Spring.

Okay, that is tough. Tax revenue from current tax levels will be $2.3 Billion less than expected.

Maybe, for now, the mantra of cutting taxes should be put aside for one of “prioritizing spending”.

But Erin VanSickle, the more-than-capable spokeswoman for the Republican Party of Florida stuck to the party line, as posted on the Orlando Sentinel’s Central Florida Political Pulse article about Karen Thurman’s re-election:

“We congratulate Karen Thurman on her victory today, but we will not respond to the Florida Democrats’ divisive political rhetotic,” GOP spokeswoman Erin VanSickle said.

“Floridians are tired of the same old sniping, especially during the holiday season, which is why Republicans will instead focus on getting our economy back on track and cutting taxes for Florida’s families and businesses.”

The Republican Party needs to find a new mantra during these tough budgetary times.

It’s time to take the knife to entire government programs: follow the “less government” part of “less government, lower taxes, more freedom” line.

Here’s my new line: “We need to really ask if government should be doing X, Y, and Z. If not, let’s cut those programs entirely and focus their funds on important services such as education, public safety, and health care.”

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4 Responses to Sometimes the GOP can take cutting taxes too far…

  1. Unix Pimp says:

    Dude, I am so tired of your Republican bullcrap. The only good thing any Republican has done is free the slaves. That was done by Abraham Lincoln. What good has any Republican done since then? Nothing.

    Every time I get an email from the USF alumni association, I see an update from your Republican horse droppings blog. Trust me, the rest of us do not give a crap about your Republican fetish. If you really want to speak to Republicans with fetishes, call Larry Craig.

    Your type has been screwing up Florida for decades.

    Oh and remember, the “Father of USF” is Sam Gibbons, a life long Democrat. If it was up to you Republicans, no state public universities would exist. Your ruling class wants the public stupid, uneducated and constantly in fear of the next “boogie man” (i.e. Communists, terrorist, a black President, etc.) and voting Republican.

  2. Jim Johnson says:

    I don’t send my updates to the USF Alumni Association. All I do is post here.

  3. Deanna says:

    I agree. If every single little pork project that doesn’t belong in the budget was taken out, it would add up to quite a bit of savings- maybe not all the savings required, but would be a very good start. The State doesn’t need to be funding local centers and local projects- let the locals do that. I would love a session that produced Legislators going home saying, “I brought back less government spending” instead of saying “Look at all the money I brought back to the district.” That would make me, as a voter, very happy.

  4. BGS says:

    “Only good thing any Republican has done is free the slaves.” ‘UnixPimp,’ you forgot about preserving the Union, establishing the national park system, amending the constitution so women and minorities could vote, establishing the Environmental Protection Agency, ushering in the greatest periods of economic progress and resolving the Cold War successfully. Of course, we’re not as prolific as the Democrats, who can claim such stellar accomplishments as the Dredd Scott decision, Jim Crow, blowing up our first central bank in the 19th century (twice, giving us two depressions,) expanding the Vietnam War, almost losing to the Soviets and creating a government-run ponzi scheme like Social Security that resembles Bernard Madoff’s make-believe hedge fund. As to fetishes, you really need to quit projecting yours about Larry Craig onto this blog. Its not healthy, and you have bigger fish to fry -like practicing apologetics for your fickle philosophy.

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