Peter Schorsch is Back at St. Petersblog

Last month, I was surprised to see new stories in my feed reader from Peter Schorch at St. Petersblog. He’s been on my reader, and my blogroll, for years.

Last week, Peter sent an email, and posted, a little explaining his motivation to re-enter the blogosphere:

There’s a lot of reasons why I am re-launching my blog, the most important being I just want to write. I love the blogosphere and enjoyed being an active part of it when it was just developing. I enjoyed the camaraderie I shared with many of you during this period.

Another reason I am writing a blog again is because so many of these bloggers I knew are not writing anymore. A lot of blogs have just dropped off with last post dates from many months, if not years ago. I think about Mike at Florida News, which one of the two biggest political blogs in Florida and now its gone. I think of Rachel at Midnight Culmination, a site which won Creative Loafing’s first award for best blog. She hasn’t posted in years.

I believe there is a vacuum in Florida, especially in the Tampa Bay area. There are some great sites here, Sticks of Fire comes immediately to mind, but there should be dozens of sites, not the handful that are active. The blog that shared my name, St. Petersblog, has been dormant for two months. That was a great blog and needs to be running again.

So I’m going to add my two cents yet again. I’ve had an unbelievable personal journey and I feel compelled to write it and the world around me.

I’ll admit my own blogging has ebbed and flowed over the past year, and I’ve wanted to do a lot more. As State of Sunshine is not my job but a hobby, the blog is subject to the time and motivation I have to write… and I am hoping to find more of both in 2009.

I welcome Peter back to the blogosphere, especially his coverage of local elections in Pinellas County.

And a note to Peter: Take comfort in the word of Mahatma Ghandi: Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.

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  1. Jim — I’ve always enjoyed out blogging relationship. Thanks for the post.

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