Dan Gelber’s In, Almost

As you would expect, the announcement from CFO Alex Sink that she would forgo the U.S. Senate race has caused a ripple through many prominent Democrats.

State Senator Dan Gelber posted a statement on his blog, indicating he would be jumping in soon:

“I spoke this morning with Alex about her decision to seek reelection rather than to run for the seat being vacated by Senator Martinez. I have been delaying my own decision to give her time to reach her judgment, both out of my deep respect for her as a public servant and my personal friendship with both her and her husband.

“Given this morning’s news, I fully expect to officially enter the race in the coming weeks. The task of preparing for such a race is complex, thus I will be making a more formal announcement soon.

“I was prepared to fully support Alex had she chosen this path as her next step in public life, and I hope to share a ballot with her in 2010 as we work together as Floridians to bring real change to our state and restore the dream of a time past, when the state that we love was a beacon of a better life for anyone who seeks it.”

The best part for Gelber is that he does not have to give up his state senate seat unless he wins. The Florida Legislature changed the “resign to run” law to allow those in elected office to run for federal positions without resigning their current one. Gelber was elected to the Florida Senate in 2008, so his current term will not end until 2012.

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  1. The FDP sent me the Alex Sink announcement in an email. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee should have begged harder. The question is what does Sink do in 2014.

  2. Congrats on the PoHo deal. All you need is 5,000 visitors a week for every post. You’re my second favorite blogger they hired. Sorry, but Litbrit comes first.

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