Crist and the Senate Race

Last week, I wrote a post for PoHo on Creative Loafing discussing why I think the Republicans in DC need Charlie much more than they need him:

Charlie Crist remains über popular. He is on track to cruise to re-election as Governor – so much so that no real viable Democrat will even deign to run.

The only Democrats running for Senate so far are a Congressman and State Senator from South Florida. A mayor from Tampa is considering it.

None of them would beat Charlie. None.

Today, Aaron Deslatte wrote about Crist and the Senate seat for the Orlando Sentinel describing the same thing:

Attorney General Bill McCollum bowed out last week, following the lead of former Gov. Jeb Bush. At this rate, U.S. Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, who heads the GOP’s national senatorial campaign committee, might have to take out a Help Wanted ad.

Heck, he might have to move to Florida himself to run for the seat Mel Martinez is giving up.

He can largely thank his biggest would-be recruit: Florida Gov. Charlie Crist.

Here’s what Crist said last week when asked — for at least the 87th time since December — whether he was giving some thought to seeking the Senate in 2010.

“No. I’m not really thinking about politics. I’m thinking about our budget . . . .

We’ve got a regular session coming up. That’s my focus right now.”

To be sure, Crist is the 800 lb gorilla in this race.

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