May the Future State Committeewoman please Stand Up?

Hillsborough’s GOP will be holding an election on March 17 for a new State Committeewomen following the resignation of Carol Carter.  According to facebook and other sources 5 women are in the run: Heather Weintrobe, Mel Jurado, Christine Vasconcelo, Janice Torgersen, and Anne Voss.  Some are business owners and all are long time advocates for Republican candidates and the Republican party, paid and unpaid. 

What should the party consider in order to move forward after recent developments?  Perhaps, someone who brings a fresh face to the party and not necessarily from the “good ol’ boys” network.  Someone who can attract and represent the youth, a group essential for the party’s future and growth.  This qualified candidate should also possess the ability to comfortably speak to the press and the public. 

The future committeewomen should also be tech-savvy and available to communicate the Republican message consistently via tools such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Ning and have the Iphone or Blackberry attached to the hip in order to make updates to those social networking site possible. 

In a nutshell the party needs a woman that will dedicate their time to be the PR person for the party 24/7.  These qualifications are definitely more than the position’s (unpaid) job description requires, however we are in the 21st century after all.

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5 Responses to May the Future State Committeewoman please Stand Up?

  1. Kelso Tanner says:

    You hit the nail right on the head Angelette.I think that no person should even consider running for this position if they can’t project positive optimism while reaching out to broaden the base. I’m also tired of my party being refered to as the “good ole boy” party. Some diversity in leadership is badly needed.

  2. Kelso Tanner says:

    And for goodness sakes, whomever is in charge of ads, either take down that free grant ad or take the elephant off. Republicans don’t believe in free handouts.

  3. Eric says:

    That is why I am supporting Christine Vasconcelo. She has all of these qualities and more. Check out her facebook group at

  4. Jim Johnson says:

    Great post, Angelette.

    Kelso – the ads come from Google.

  5. Elizabeth Morowati says:

    I was a volunteer with the McCain/Palin campaign this summer @ a location where Heather Weintrobe headed the operation (in the Westchase area of Hillsborough County).
    She was excellent at what she did. Cared about the objective as well as those that were working together towards that objective.
    She was positive, informative, creative, and hands-on.
    I don’t know the other candidates but do know Heather. If elected, she will serve well.

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