State Committeewoman post in Limbo

This is an update to a previous post: May the Future State Committee Woman please Stand Up.

Latest news, according to March on Politics reporter William March, State Committeewoman Carol Carter is retracting her resignation and wants to keep her position with the Hillsborough GOP.  Some fear that if she remains there will be tension within the county party, in other words a split. From those who will forgive and forget and those who realize the PR implications that will arouse.  Those who do not accept, are firm believers in that there is no past in politics, only the future and have already moved on.  Essentially this only opens a can of worms again and the press will help fuel the friction.  


The next Hillsborough Republican meeting will take place on February 17th at the Blaise Alfano Center at 7:00pm.  Perhaps by then a decision will be made and if not believe me….there will be lots of noise.


What do you think will happen?

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2 Responses to State Committeewoman post in Limbo

  1. Kelso Tanner says:

    That is a very selfish decision by her part and she should seriuosly reconsider.

  2. tom chastain says:

    I think sandy murman is getting ready to run for the us senate. she has been seen out in public alot latly and she is just the right kind of exdperience that we need in wasington and with all the crimes happening agaist children we need someone like sandy murman who can take a stand agaist those who have been doing them harm.

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