Pasco Municipal Election Preview

It is that time of year for local municipalities in Pasco County to head to the polls.  The election will take place on April 14, 2009.  Some might wonder,  “Why are these election so important to the Pasco Republican Party?”  It is quite simple. These elections should serve as developing a “bench” for the party. It is through these elections that potential candidates can be recruited for higher office. 

In San Ann, there are three candidates vying for two positions on the city council. Anthony Lister, is a local school teacher and a strong advocate of party principles. He believes in less government, less taxes, and strong family values.  The other incumbent in the race is Sharon Madden. Sharon has served on the council for years and has been limited in her effectiveness. The final candidate, Jeff Barouth, is fairly new to the area, but he has a strong business background.  In this race, the writer strongly recommends Anthony Lister and Jeff Barouth.

The City of Zephyrhills has only one contested race on the ballot.  Manny Funes, an incumbent councilman verse a one-issue candidate who works as a fire fighter in Temple Terrace The union endorsed the other candidate. With that being stated it is essential to go with the incumbent.  Manny Funes should be given the chance to continue to serve.

New Port Richey and Port Richey always offer many interesting twist and turns during the campaign season.  The New Port Richey race is quite simple; there are two spots and three candidates.  Judy Debella Thomas last year won the chance to finish the term for Ginny Miller who ran unsuccessfully for the county commission.  During this short tenure, Mrs. Thomas served the city well and deserves the chance to continue in this role.  The other spot is really a toss up between Marilyn De Chant and Ginny Miller.  Both of these candidates are Democrats and would not do anything to help the Republican Party bench. However, De Chant has shown the ability to side with business on several council votes. For that reason, the writer recommends Judy Debella Thomas and Marilyn De Chant in the New Port Richey commission race.  Port Richey is an interesting city that again is trying to dissolve the city. This is the major issue between the two candidates running for one spot on the council.  The writer believes that Port Richey should remain a city and does not support either candidate in this race.

Fellow Republicans, please vote on April 14, 2009 for the following commission candidates:

San Ann:  Anthony Lister and Jeff Barouth

Zephyrhills:  Manny Funes

New Port Richey:  Judy Debella Thomas and Marilyn Dechant

Port Richey:  Tossup between Amy Scott and Bill Colombo



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