GOPers lost the Tea Party message?

After hearing speeches from yesterday’s Tea Parties, GOPers are making a mistake in attacking the Obama administration or Democrats.  The basis of Tea Parties was that we as Americans are tired of big government spending; this includes both Ds and Rs.  We have to admit that some of our guys are responsible for signing off on pork-barrel projects and sweeteners as well.  Hmmm, is that maybe one of the many reasons we lost a majority up in DC?  Is that not when some of us started to act like Democrats and go on a shopping spree?  Yes, now it is in the hands of the Democrats for passing and signing off on the largest spending bill, but it was just yesterday when some off us agreed to passing some bailouts.   

The more we show that we are Americans first before Republicans, then the rest of the nation will see our way.  The more we challenge ourselves to take a stand and hold even our fellow GOP elected officials accountable, the more others will give us credit for having “cojones.”  Although some of Reagan’s opinions were not popular at the time, people still admired him for having the “cojones” for taking a lead.  Heck, this also means that we should not be afraid to challenge an incumbent if he or she has a record of tax and spend.  Look what is currently happening in Pennsylvania with Toomey v. Specter.  It may be a Democrats dream to have a Republican incumbent lose a primary but not if we continue to remind Americans that all Americans should be upset with tax and spend policies, which obviously Democrats will continue to do so.  Democrats have not and will not learn the lessons we recently experienced however we also have to accept that some of our fellow Republicans did not fail just us but all Americans.  

So who is next in line and ready for the challenge?

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