Tampa Mayor Iorio Issues Statement on her immediate political future

Received this via email:

A Statement from Mayor Iorio May 11, 2009

There has been a lot of political interest generated since Florida’s Senator Mel Martinez made his announcement about stepping down in 2010. I have gotten my share of phone calls and letters from people wanting to know what political plans I had for the future.

Over the past several months, I have given much thought to this and have concluded that 2010 is not the right time to pursue a statewide or national office. My four-year term as mayor does not end until March 2011 and I believe that running both the city of Tampa and a statewide campaign at the same time over the next eighteen months would shortchange the citizens of Tampa. Properly balancing the city’s budget in these difficult economic times deserves my full attention, as does the completion of the major capital improvement projects I began with the new Cultural Arts District along our downtown waterfront. Of particular importance to me, and to the entire region, is the major initiative of light rail, which needs time and strong support to become a reality.

I appreciate the words of encouragement and support from many friends and constituents but will not be announcing for any other office this year.

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