Crist garners more DC endorsements…

United States Senators John Cornyn, Mitch McConnell, Lamar Alexander, Mel Martinez, and now John McCain… all lining up behind Governor Charlie Crist.

Rubio has… um… well… let’s see. I know there is a big grassroots push behind former Florida House of Representatives Speaker Marco Rubio. But, my fellow Republicans, ask yourself when the last time a “grassroots” effort actually mattered in the Republican primary.

I know it irks many people to see Crist get this kind of attention. Heck, Rubio may actually be better for the Republican Party. The list of positive qualities about Rubio is longer than my arm… (I just disagree with some of his positions on issues; the same way my more conservative colleagues disagree with Crist’s positions on issues).

That said, the Republican Party exists to win elections. It’s all well and good to have a discussion about issues, but why waste time, effort, energy, and money — all of which are in limited supply — without having the best chance to win an election.

Some misguided folks are actually calling for a boycott of the NRSC because of this. Hmmm. Let’s see. The Democrats are about to get 60 Senators thanks to Specter and the voters of Minnesota. In 2010, the Democrats are likely going to win in Ohio, Missouri, New Hampshire, and maybe Kentucky. And people want to deprive them of the financial capability of defending these and taking back other seats. Do you really LIKE being in the minority and letting Harry Reid run roughshod over us?

In my book, the Florida Senate seat will remain Republican. The NRSC has a limited pocketbook, and Crist in the general will be less expensive than Rubio. Seems to me backing Crist is a fiscally conservative thing to do…

Even if it’s not politically conservative.

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6 Responses to Crist garners more DC endorsements…

  1. Vince says:

    Jim, nice rhetorical flourish, but voting for Crist is NOT the fiscally conservative thing to do. Remember the so called “Stimulus” that he supported and gave political cover to???? That was not in any way conservative, sorry, try again.

    And it doesnt matter how many endorsements he gets. All of the Senate Republicans are falling in line here, but it’s not based on principle. Again, I ask any open-minded Republican- why would you support a candidate who will support half of the Obama agenda – a Carbon Tax/Cap n Trade scheme, amnesty for illegals, perhaps another Stimulus bill – so long as there are enough goodies for Florida. He is a token Republican at best- we need to offer a clear choice – run a conservative versus either of the two “progressives” that are running, and it will be a cakewalk. This is yet another miscalculation by the NRSC.

    And folks, Charlie has a 49 percent APPROVAL rating in the latest Mason Dixon Poll amongst Republicans- meaning his Disapproval is 51 percent! This race is by NO MEANS a forgone conclusion, no matter how many naysayers say otherwise, and no matter how many endorsements are obtained by Charlie. Charlie just reiterated his support for amnesty and the stimulus in 24 hours- let’s just see how popular that is in a Republican Primary.

  2. Jim Johnson says:

    Vince – Crist’s “DISAPPROVAL” rating is not 51%, because it is possible to be neutral… only 19% of Republicans actually disapprove of Crist. The remainder are neutral.

    See my earlier post on this poll:

  3. Vince says:

    Either way, it’s not a good number for a supposedly popular governor- especially within the Party. You know as well as I that the reason for his popularity are the scores of Dems and Greenies that love his liberal policies on several different issues. As to the rest of my post, it holds up pretty well. Don’t discount the passion of the grassroots, Jim- it’s a bit smug of you to do so.

  4. Jim Johnson says:


    The GOP is not known for successful grassroots campaigns. Not being smug, just a statement of fact.

  5. Vince says:


    In the same vein in which you think those who protest the NRSC’s actions are “misguided”, you are misguided as well- not only about those who rightfully will not direct their donations to Republican organizations that seek to defeat conservatives, but also about the certitude of Charlie’s victory. Charlie is about to find out that he is in a race for his political life. Perhaps a bigger than “DC endorsements” is the fact that Marco has jumped 10 points since the Quninipiac Poll, with huge upside potential, since most have never even heard of him. Crist has nowhere to go but down, and his strategy for winning this race is twofold – to rely on his money advantage, and to convince people that he is actually a conservative Republican, rather than a liberal one. The perfect storm is gathering for an upset, Jim, whether you realize it or not- a Republican Electorate that is scared to death of Obama and sufficiently motivated, the direction of the National Party in the balance, and a contest between two candidates with very different views of “Republicanism” to see who can best oppose that destructive agenda.

    National Conservatives are setting their sites on this race, and Charlie is their target. We shall soon see just how well the conservative base can wage its grassroots campaign- like none other that has ever conducted.

  6. Jim Johnson says:


    Rubio will only go up… hard to go down from 8%… and he was all over the media. Charlie, however, didn’t drop at all.

    I really think you over estimate how “conservative” most Republican voters are. They are not “scared to death” of Obama… oh, there are people who are, but they are a small minority of Republicans (and not much more when you talk primary voters).

    In all, my point is Republicans getting bent out of shape on this will simply ensure a larger Democratic majority… curing the disease by killing the patient.

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