Crist leading Rubio in Mason-Dixon poll

The Buzz has a report on a recent Mason-Dixon poll:

  • Crist leads Rubio 53% to 18% — this is a minor change since an April Quinnipiac poll showing Crist with a 54% to 8% lead. Rubio’s numbers have gone up as he’s toured the state, but Crist’s have not changed.
  • Among Republicans, Crist has a huge advantage in “name ID” – 100% of Republicans recognize him and his favorability/unfavorability is 50/19. Rubio, on the otherhand, only has a 44% “name ID” with a 20/2 favorability rating. Rubio will have to spend a lot more money introducing himself to Floridians…

The poll also compared Crist to Gelber and Meek and looked at the Governor’s race… but I am wondering why they did not ask about Rubio facing Gelber or Meek. Perhaps Quinnipiac or another poll will include that information.

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