State of Sunshine to Return in 2012

Hello dear readers… if you’re still here.

Three years ago, my interest in politics waned… and I’m still more than a little unhappy with both parties.

But 2012 is a big year. Tampa is hosting the Republican National Convention, and there will be interesting races because of redistricting in the State of Florida.

So I have a plan. I will be returning to the fold in the next few weeks… slowly.

I updated by WordPress to 3.3.1. I need to update a lot more.

Stay tuned. The State of Sunshine will return this year.

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Editor and publisher of The State of Sunshine.
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  1. Good morning, Rumplestiltskin! I’ve been letting you rest in the Dormant folder at the bottom of my Google feed reader all this time. When the folder became highlighted due to action inside, I was glad to see it was you stirring yourself. 2012 is indeed a big year, and I look forward to your insights.

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