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State of Sunshine

Could Gillum Be Winning?

There are still 9 days left before Election Day in Florida, so this is purely an intellectual exercise – But Gillum could be winning already. Let’s start with an update of total voters who have voted early in-person or voted by mail, as reported by Steve Schale on his Twitter…

Florida Governor’s Debate

Tonight’s debate between Republican Representative Ron Destantis and Democratic Mayor of Tallahassee Andrew Gillum was everything one has come to expect of the modern political “debate”.  That is to say, it was an hour long exchange of talking points without a lot of anything really interesting to report. Both candidates…

2018 is going to be interesting

As 2017 winds to a close, next year is going to be interesting. Florida Governor Rick Scott (R-Naples) will be entering the race for U.S Senate against incumbent Bill Nelson (D-Orlando), who has been in DC for three terms. Scott was a major ally of President Donald Trump in 2016,…

Coming soon!

A new-redesigned and re-invigorated State of Sunshine will be here in the coming weeks.  No timetable is set at this time.